LGBT Family Law

Pursuing Flat-Fee Divorce for Same Sex Couples

One option that is available to LGBT couples in Massachusetts is flat-fee divorce or uncontested divorces. This option ensures that you stay out of the courtroom as much as possible while resolving your marital disputes. At Pollack Law Group, flat-fee divorces start at the low rate of just $1,975. This option is available to all married couples who want to resolve their issues out of court and also commit to agreeing on all the terms. This option saves you both time and money.

Amicable LGBT Divorce

Similar to flat-fee divorces, amicable divorces can also save LGBT couples time and money by avoiding court and resolving divorce issues with little contention. While most issues are hammered out in a non-court setting, there is one final hearing before the court to finalize your divorce. At Pollack Law Group, P.C. this option starts at $3,500.

Contested and Complex Divorce Representation

We understand that there may be issues outside of your control that have led to the need for complex, contested divorce litigation. We are able to provide you with this level of representation as well. In hotly contested cases, we like to file first. This can put you at an advantage by throwing the other side off guard and, to a certain extent, controlling the order in which the family court judge considers the issues. If you have already been served divorce papers, we recommend that you contact our law firm as soon as possible so we can begin building a strong case for you.

Aggressive Advocate for Same-Sex Couples

We understand the unique issues that sometimes face LGBT couples in divorce, custody, alimony and related cases. With more than 100 years of experience and a legal brain trust in your corner, you could be at an advantage by choosing an experienced attorney at Pollack Law Group, P.C.