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Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer

Put Our Top-Notch Legal Team in Your Corner!

Pollack Law Group, P.C. is one of the premier divorce law firms in the region. Our team approach to divorce and family law provides a level of service that is simply a higher caliber than those offered by some solo practitioners or other firms. With more than 100 years of combined experience and frequent collaboration among our legal staff, when you choose our law firm, you get an entire legal brain trust in your corner.

We Get the Job Done

We assign each of our Massachusetts divorce and family law attorneys to a specific region of courthouses. By working in the same places, we know how things work in particular courtrooms, and the most effective ways to get the job done.

We Know the Ins and Outs of Divorce Law in Massachusetts

Because we limit our practice to the relentless advocacy of people facing divorce and related issues, we have earned a reputation as lawyers who know the ins and outs of divorce law in Massachusetts. We know how each of the Massachusetts judges thinks and decides their cases. Together, our attorneys, paralegals and professional staff have more than 100 years of experience and we have thousands of divorce cases under our belts. There isn’t much that we haven’t seen.

We usually try to settle cases first by entering negotiations with your spouse’s lawyer, but when the other side is being unreasonable or unwilling to settle, our gloves come off. We are skilled, aggressive litigators prepared to put the full force of our entire law firm behind your case.