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Before you start diving into the actual SEO optimization work, you will need to work with an SEO consultant, we highly suggest ensuring that your domain has Google Analytics and Search Console up and running.

Why should these two things be your first tasks to tackle?

Simple- you’ll never really know if your SEO is working if you can’t get accurate reporting and Google provides these free tools to you, to help you get exactly that. Setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console is pretty easy to do, and wordpress has plugins or built in features that let you do it without knowing any code. To setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you’ll need a gmail account . Make sure that you save the password someplace secure, if you don’t use the Gmail or G Suite account regularly, that way you don’t lose it. Also make sure you have account recovery setup with your regular email.

Here are a few helpful links on setting up Google Analytics, and Google Search Console: monster insights is the plugin for this

The most important data that you’re going to want to evaluate in Google Analytics is traffic by source.

There are other reports and data sets that you can mine in Google Analytics if you have the time, but for most attorney’s, traffic by source and goals by source are the most important to understand and monitor in Google Analytics.

Traffic by source is a report that shows how traffic to your site changes over time based on what marketing channel (or source) is driving traffic to your website. Note that in Google Analytics you’ll see both the term ‘channel’ and ‘source’ used. They essentially mean the same thing, although typically ‘Channel’ refers to a broader category of marketing drivers, and ‘Source’ refers to the more granular marketing drivers. As an example, your law firm website could receive Channel traffic from “Organic Search” and Source traffic from “Google”. The Channel traffic report for Organic Search will include Google’s search engine, as well as Bing’s and other popular ones online.

Most of our law firm clients primarily serve particular regions or cities, so local SEO GMB strategies are highly important to their success. We start optimizing local business directories even before we begin optimizing a website for a few reasons: Top rated Law firm Marketing at Evolutions Media

  1. Most of the time, you’ll have some baseline local SEO optimizations in place for your website content just by the fact that it is created to support leads. Almost every lawyer website will need a GMB account this is more important than your website. Then have a few pages dedicated to practice areas and some basic information about where that law firm is based. Further optimization on your GMB account will be needed along with local directory links and citations
  2. Local business directories have traffic and most operate based off of a search function. By optimizing your listing there, you have a chance to capture some of their existing audience while also helping to improve your website’s ranking inside of Google and other major search engines.

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